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Malkolm Opia Mill

Unique worlds

Show yourself floating gracefully in a wonderful dress by Blueberry PhotoArt under water in the Trixi-Bad Großschönau

Let yourself be professionally staged by the incredible Malcolm von  "Opia Mill"  from London.

This offer will only be available once! Don't miss it!


with Malcolm from OPIA Mill

in the Trixi -Bad Großschönau

Saturday 05.06.2021

Rent wonderful clothes on site that gracefully flatter you underwater.

Get advice and dive away.

30 minute shoot

3 high resolution images


Admission to the pool included

Video plus possible


Who is the shoot for?

You love the water, can of course swim and hold your breath for at least 10 seconds or more when diving? Perfect!

Then the shooting is suitable for you as a child from the age of 10 and also for you if you have a great baby bump and you are doing really well! (Please discuss this with your doctor) Couples are also very welcome!

your outfit

You are welcome to bring your own swimwear or borrow one of my shooting dresses. If you would like to shoot in more than one outfit, simply book two time slots. Please bring your own towel and slippers with you.

Make up

Avoid makeup that smudges and dark lipstick or anything like that. Use waterproof mascara and a great tip: Catrice's Make-up HD Liquid Coverage Foundation also holds up well under water!

Open hair

float like a fairy tale in the water, however

they often fly in front of the face and limit the possibilities of good pictures. If you tie your hair partially only above, increase  you the chance  good photos.

Just relax

breathe  in and out deeply a few times and then go underwater. Do not have too much and not too little air in your lungs, otherwise you will sink too quickly or just float up. 

Avoid puffed out cheeks and keep your eyes open and relaxed. Just put on a pretty face.


Before you dive in, think about how you want to pose. How to achieve  you magical results.

Then nothing can go wrong!


Directions to the Trixi pool

Jonsdorfer Strasse 40
02779 Grossschoenau

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