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On tour


A very special photo experience  

Do you like to travel and do you enjoy booking a special photo session on site? Then you will find the opportunity here.

All "action shootings" only take place on selected days and are therefore something very special!


animal children

Animal children meet human children. Is there anything cuter?  

Big children's eyes marvel at the little furry friends, small children's hands carefully touch the plumage of clumsy ducklings.

Such a shooting is really unique.


Old rustic masonry, creaking wooden floorboards, old farm charm with lovingly furnished rooms. The old Dreiseitenhof is the shooting location for families or single portraits.


Baltic Sea

The wind in your hair, laughing children, burying your feet in the warm sand. What kind of a feeling is this! 

Let's capture this feeling! Take these emotions home with authentic pictures of you and your family, partner or yourself. 


When the first blossoms sprout in spring, then it is the wonderful time of the magnolia trees. They don't stand in their full bloom for too long and then you have to be quick and use the few days to take atmospheric pictures under the flowers.

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