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Fine art photography will too  artistic or art photography  called. The focus is on the artist's statement, not the correct technical or documentary depiction of a motif. Fine art photographs are printed and presented in high quality.

"Away from the mainstream - how a fine art photo is created"

This type of photography is not a product of chance. I don't let you move freely and photograph the naturalness of being. I deal intensively with you and the desired end result in advance. This point is crucial for me, because I often already have the finished picture in my head during the recording and can proceed more decisively.
I look at a picture of you and listen to my emotions. What fascinates me about you? Which characteristic points do I want to show? What makes you special? There are no limits to creativity. While taking photos, I find myself in my own world and completely ignore external influences such as people or noises.
  After I have my desired photo in the box, it goes into digital post-processing. In Photoshop, I amplify my statement through targeted darkening and changing the contrasts in the image. Ideally, a good picture arouses the desired emotions in the viewer.

The main difference to "normal" photography is that the fine art photographer has no limits and a photo only serves as a starting point for his vision. That's why fine art photographers often don't see themselves as photographers in the classic sense, but as artists.

Modern, professional and sophisticated fine art photography in Zittau and the surrounding area, Upper Lusatia district of Görlitz and Bautzen to Dresden Leipzig, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Special, warm and unique.



Eine ausführliche persönliche Beratung per Telefon oder Livecall


Fotoshooting in meinem Fotoatelier, bei dir zu Hause als Homestory oder deiner Wunschlocation Outdoor


Bearbeitung deine Wunschmotive und Bereitstellung digital in voller Auflösung via Downloadgalerie


Nutze gern Kleidung und Requisiten, die mein Atelier dir bietet. Gern bringe ich auch mal einen Stuhl, Leiter oder andere Requisiten mit zum Outdoorshooting.


Du erhältst eine Auswahlgalerie und suchst dir deine Wunschmotive selbst aus, die ich dir bearbeiten darf.


 Gern berate ich dich zu deinem Wunschprodukt wie hochwertige Fotobücher, Triplexe, Leporellos, Holzdrucke, Wandbilder oder Drucke

your investment

Consists of a basic shooting fee and your very personal selection of images and products.  

After our shoot, you can decide on your favorite pictures at the joint selection date or via an online gallery.  

Of course, I would be happy to advise you. ​​​​​​​


The hourly rate includes the shooting time on location, as well as the time for

Preparation and follow-up, planning and advice.

In addition, all the props are available to you on loan.

All prices include 19% VAT.

Changes and errors excepted.

No delivery of unedited images/raw data (digital and print)

your investment

Shooting basic fee + picture order

= total price

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