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I will be your photographer

Blueberry PhotoArt Laura Jankowski

Laura Jankowski



+49 162 4013891



Johannisstrasse 55 /02763 Zittau

Date of Birth:


Let's talk

Oh, we could sit there for hours.. I would love to chatter about God and the world with a glass of lovely red wine. 

I enjoy the time with dear people and friends around me and absorb every single moment deeply. Little things fascinate me. 

A warm ray of sunshine on my skin and I stop and close my eyes. 

A strong, salty sea breeze on your face, your hair blowing wildly - how beautiful! 

It smells like mowed grass - just a moment, it puts a smile on my face.  

Now I'm a mother of two.. My eldest is so "old" that I call it halftime. Speaking of "old" right now. I was born in 88.

I love my chicken in the garden. You are the compromise with my dear husband who is not that into cats. 

Cycling is not my thing  But the smallest ray of sunshine draws me onto my little Yamaha XSR 700. 

A fire in the fire bowl or the fireplace - that grounds and slows me down. 

Water attracts me magically.

Hiking is always a thing... but once I'm up there!!! ;-)

And if you're standing next to me at the red light - better close your window and don't look over - I'm passionate about singing off-key.

And you? I tend to be very friendly with my customers, who are usually so much more than that. you notice it That's why I like "Dutze" very much. And that shows a lot more respect than "Siezen" all too often shows. After all, it is associated with so much trust, closeness and personality.

Tell me who you are, who you are and what you value.

work experience



2013 - 2021

2009 - 2013 



Working exclusively as a photographer. JUHU!!

Opening of my photo studio in Zittau.

My passion for weddings is followed by other photo areas such as maternity, newborn, family & lifestyle

Employed and certified geriatric nurse at AWO Olbersdorf  and

part-time freelance photographer in Zittau

Training to become a registered geriatric nurse.

Registration as a photographer

Vocational diploma in business and administration in Zittau

let's get


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Blueberry PhotoArt
Blueberry PhotoArt
Blueberry PhotoArt
Blueberry PhotoArt
Blueberry PhotoArt
Blueberry PhotoArt
Blueberry PhotoArt
Blueberry PhotoArt

... and you my model.

I want you to be able to move freely in front of my camera, that you can show honest emotions and have trust in me and my work and my skills. I will guide you and we will have a lot of fun during the session.

But what's the best way for me to show you how it's done if I'm an introvert and camera shy myself?

I like being in front of the camera myself. So I can tell you, a photo shoot is always something very special. It doesn't matter whether you book a session for your business, come to me with your family or privately book a few sensual portraits or a boudoir shoot for yourself.

what does it do to you

A shooting is always a little break, a special experience. You are excited, enjoy my service for you and go home with a strengthened self-confidence and a simply good feeling.

And when you finally hold your pictures in your hands, you are filled with pride.

An incredible feeling!

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