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When the first blossoms sprout in spring, then it is the wonderful time of the magnolia trees. They don't stand in their full bloom for too long and then you have to be quick and use the few days to take atmospheric pictures under the flowers.


blossom shooting

The magnolia is in bloom right now

No wonder the magnolia is called the queen of trees
alone the many color nuances in just one flower.
Isn't that wonderful?

At the latest when the magnolia trees start to bloom in spring, the spring feelings will come up.

The large flowers are so beautiful that you can hardly get enough of them.

I am very happy to be able to use a beautiful tree in a dear friend's private garden!

You can book your mini flower shoot for the entire Easter weekend and have access to my collection of clothes by prior arrangement!

This type of shooting is suitable for individual portraits as well as for families, couples or photos with a baby bump.

Let's capture a very special moment!

The shooting lasts about 30 minutes.

Within the next 5 days you will receive a selection gallery and decide for yourself on the most beautiful motifs.

The images are processed in the FineArt style, i.e. a look that is rather dreamy and "dreamy".

your investment


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